The Chang School

What’s the Difference Between Online and Virtualized Learning?

In the world of distance education, there are plenty of unique ways to learn. The Chang School offers two different formats for distance learning – online and virtualized. For both formats, students have access to D2L Brightspace, Ryerson’s remote-learning portal. While both ways of learning are effective, they offer key differences in how you’ll interact […]

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Why the Learning Never Stops: Debbie’s Story

For 10 years, The Chang School has been a pillar in Debbie’s pursuit of lifelong learning.

Spanning the Gaps

A Fresh Start at a University Degree Thanks to Spanning the Gaps

How Jina Rew was able to pursue her post-secondary education goals with Spanning the Gaps.

Community Services

Why Urban Agriculture is Fundamental for a More Sustainable Future

Lauren Baker, Instructor and Food System Consultant, explores the food system before, during, and after the pandemic and the wider implications for us all.

Communication and Design

How to Practice “Spousal Distancing”: Meghan Daniels’ Story

Meghan Daniels is juggling her full-time role as Professional Recruiter alongside completing a Certificate in Public Relations, all while planning a wedding and learning how to adapt when your co-worker is also the love of your life.