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The Support Was Amazing: Supriya’s Story

With a strong support system and a dedication to learning new skills, Supriya landed a great job in data analytics.

Story written by Noah Friedman, Chang School Learner, Communications Courses

After working for a couple of years in clinical research, Supriya Parikh turned to continuing education to learn new skills that would provide her with a competitive advantage in the current job market. The Chang School of Continuing Education’s Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics was a good fit for Supriya. “I could still stay in healthcare and science, which I really wanted to do, while learning new skills to advance in my career,” she says.

She decided to pursue The Chang School’s certificate because it was an established program with successful alumni. The program culminated in a capstone course where Supriya applied what she learned in a hands-on independent project that showcases her knowledge and skills to potential employers.

Supriya recognizes that “the amount of support available was amazing.” The instructors, online tutor, and program director were helpful and encouraging, providing a strong support system that ensured her success in the program. Supriya also took advantage of Ryerson University’s career services, where she participated in interview skills and resumé-building workshops and networking events to connect with industry professionals.

Through the certificate, Supriya learned a variety of skills that have “provided a broad and thorough introduction to the field.” She appreciates that the program not only prepared her to advance her career in science, but also helped her gain transferable skills that can be applied to other industries, offering many more opportunities for career progression.

“The amount of support available was amazing. I look forward to the experiences of the students in the future online cohorts.”

Supriya Parikh, Graduate, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics

The certificate quickly proved to be instrumental for Supriya, landing her a job as a data analyst at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) while she was still completing the program. She admits, “I definitely would not have gotten the job without doing the certificate,” which allowed her to directly apply the statistical analysis and programming skills she learned in the program. Supriya concludes that “this is a great program to get a start in data analytics. I definitely recommend it.”

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